Ankle Fractures

"Presented well, your personality came across which engaged as well. Showing us the model as well talking about the Foot and Ankle made it easier to understand. Rachael Bates Healthcare Assistant"

Rachael Bates
Warwick Hospital, UK

"Clear,informal,relaxed and interesting. Pictures of sports injuries were a nice change to Hip and Knee injuries from other causes. New information which was not clued-up on !! Christelle Williamson Registered Staff Nurse Trauma & Orthopaedics Ward"

Christelle Williamson
Warwick Hospital, UK

"Very informative. Good explanations and made it interesting. Lucinda Grice Student"

Lucinda Grice
Warwick Hospital, UK

"Gave lots of information even in a short time! Good use of pictures. Tasmin Mills Student"

Tasmin Mills
Warwick Hospital, UK

"Very relevant information, good visual tools and interesting information. Talk was patient centered and emphasized to work effectively as Healthcare professionals. Hayley Nicholson Student"

Hayley Nicholson
Warwick Hospital, UK

"Detailed and at the right level presentation. Clearly explained, good knowledge base, spoke clearly and to the audience. Easily approachable for questions and advice. Registered Staff Nurse Trauma & Orthopaedics Ward"

Stephanie Turvey
Warwick Hospital, UK

"Very interesting, things explained at a level that everyone could understand and partake. Maureen Thoms Healthcare Assistant Trauma & Orthopaedics Ward"

Maureen Thoms
Warwick Hospital, UK

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Joint Replacement

  • Hip Replacements
  • Knee Replacements
  • shoulders Replacements

Sports Medicine

  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • ACL Reconstruction

Upper Limb Surgery

  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Day Case Surgical Procedures in upper limb

Foot & Ankle

  • Forefoot & midfoot disorders
  • Bunions, hummerteos, neuromas
  • Sports injuries and disorders
  • posterior Tibil tendon chronic tears
  • Ankle and subtalar arthritis

Trauma Surgery

Fractures occur when there is a crack or break in the bone. A certain amount of force is required to cause the bone to break. Most often skeletal injuries are seen following road traffic accidents, falls from heights and sports related injuries.

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