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Dr. Shine Ashokan performs a variety of Surgical procedures with very successful outcomes on a `DayCase’ basis. Patients are able to go to the comfort of their own home on the same day of the surgery. Unnecessary Hospital stays are avoided. This has also proved to be a very economic and efficient model for Hospitals without affecting patient safety and satisfaction.
Procedures performed on a routine basis by Dr. Shine Ashokan are categorised below.


Upper Limb Procedures:

  bullte Carpal Tunnel decompression
  bullte Cubital Tunnel decompression & Ulnar nerve anterior transposition
  bullte Trigger Thumb & Finger release
  bullte Dupytrens fasciectomy
  bullte Trapeziectomy for CMC Joint OA of Thumb
  bullte De-Quervain’s decompression
  bullte Ganglion excision surgery
Foot & Ankle procedures:
  bullte Bunion treatment
  bullte Hallux Valgus correction using SCARF osteotomy
  bullte Forefoot reconstruction in Rheumatoid Foot
  bullte Claw toe and Hammer toe corrections
  bullte Hallux rigidus- Cheilectomy or Arthrodesis
  bullte Hallux rigidus- Cheilectomy or Arthrodesis
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